About Us

Our VISION is to provide a friendly, inclusive, safe and social community at Williamstown that instills a sense of belonging, whilst providing a healthy and educational culture in the highly respected tradition of surf lifesaving. 

Our MISSION is to prevent aquatic related death and injury at Williamstown Beach.

2018-19 Committee

President - Paul Sullivan

Vice President - Scott Ivey

Secretary - Leonie Newey

Treasurer - Daria Hewitt

Lifesaving Operations - Alexander Walton

Training & Assessment - Calum Dickson

Competition - Damien Bull

Junior Activities - Christine Polgar

Fundraising & Events - Sally Leung

Building & Grounds - Gerry Schalkwijk

Future Planning - Mark Frisby


Welcoming & Inclusive

We strive to create a friendly and welcoming environment for both our members and wider community.

Respectful Relationships

We treat everyone fairly and respectfully. 

Healthy Lifestyles

We provide opportunities for all club members to engage in healthy lifestyle activities.

Taking Responsibiliy

We take pride in our position in the community and support the next generation of leaders to take on positions of responsibility.

Stronger & Safer Communities

We work in partnership with others to create stronger and safer communities.