Sunday 23 February 2020

Registrations are Open

Wave Times (see below)

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After 30 years of hosting the Big Bay Swim across the bay from Port Melbourne to Williamstown, the Rotary Club of Gellibrand has passed on the swim to the Williamstown Swimming and Life Saving Club

The date has been set for a new(ish) swim challenge in Melbourne this summer – Sunday 23 February 2020 at Williamstown Beach.

This year’s Big Bay Swim will have two distances, 2.5km and 5km plus a Special BBS TEAMS event for the 2.5km swim.

Teams of 3 or 4 people compete for a special “teams only” prize of $500 (prize money to be confirmed).  All 2.5km swimmers will have registered as individuals and can also win prizes as individuals.  The first three team members across the finish line will contribute their score to the team total.  The team with the lowest score wins.
e.g. Team 1 places 1st, 30th and 42nd for a total score of 73. Team 2 places 3rd, 11th and 50th for a total of 64.  Team 2 wins.
Teams are mixed gender teams.  All 2.5km swimmers start at the same time

email us for more information or even call 0448 581 306 for assistance.

The Williamstown Swimming and Life Saving Club and the Hobsons Bay City Council are proud to be the open water swimming partner for the IGLA Championships.


Wave Times


Wave times for Big Bay Swim 2020 & IGLA Championships 2020
Registration Open ​7.00
Event Open ​8.00
Marshalling Open ​9.30
Big Bay Swim & IGLA Championships 5K & 2.5K Marshalling​ ​START
IGLA 5km event * 9.40 10.00
Big Bay Swim 5km event * 9.45 10.05
IGLA 2.5km event 9.55 10.15
Big Bay Swim 2.5km event 10.00 10.20
Big Bay Swim 2.5km 11.00
Big Bay Swim 5km 12.00
All swim courses closed 13.00

* All 5km swimmers must have rounded the last turn buoy and be heading for the beach finish 2 hours and 15 minutes after their wave start time.


Big Bay Swim Enquiries

email us for more information or even call 0448 581 306 for assistance.

Course map provided below is indicative only.  Final course map will be provided closer to the event.