Williamstown Swimming and Life Saving Club’s Nipper Program provides a friendly, safe and social community while promoting an inclusive environment.


Nippers is a great way for children to make friends, be active and enjoy the beach in a safe environment.


The National Nippers Program is structured specifically to their ages and abilities and gradually teaches kids basic lifesaving skills and how to be safe around an aquatic environment as well as developing their skills to compete in surf sports.


Nippers 2021/22  – new dates coming soon!


This  Nippers 20/21 season will operate a modified program based on our COVIDSafe plans, in line with the Victorian Government Roadmap.

Staying safe


We are asking all parents / carers to support us to meet government requirements and stay safe by:


  • Staying at home if you or your child have any COVID-19 symptoms or are unwell
  • Practicing good hygiene
  • Wearing a face mask where social distancing may not be possible
  • Going directly to your allocated group areas
  • Ensuring that you sign in when attending Nippers to assist with contact tracing
  • Maintaining physical distancing while spectating, both in and around the clubhouse and on the beach
  • Bringing your own sunscreen, water bottles and towels to avoid sharing
  • Adopt an ‘arrive, participate, and leave’ approach – get ready and shower at home.


As the Victorian Government Roadmap and our COVIDSafe plans adapt prior to season start, we will endeavour to update you on information as it becomes available.


We are committed to keeping all members of the club safe, and we thank you for your support and understanding in these changing times.


We look forward to seeing you on the beach!


Williamstown Nippers –


The club is offering a 50% discount to family memberships for the 2020/21 season.  Please email for further information


Nipper Gear

Don’t forget your:

  • Bathers and Goggles
  • Towel
  • Sunscreen SPF 50+
  • Water bottle
  • A wetsuit – (optional) Rashie goes over the top.
  • Dry clothes

Please clearly label every item with your childs’ name. There are literally bucketloads of lost property at the end of every season!

On the Beach

Please arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the session start time.


  • Sign in. The Nippers attendance lists will be laid out based on Age Group. This is essential to ensure your Nipper receives their Surf Ed. award at the completion of the season.
  • Find your Nipper’s Age Group flag on the beach.
  • Grab a coloured age group cap from the basket.
  • Pop your Nipper’s towel in the tub beside the Age Group flag
  • Your Age Group Coach and Age Manager will be there waiting to take your Nipper for their session
  • At sessions end, return your age group cap to the basket.
  • Grab a free cordial at the clubhouse
  • Buy a sausage sizzle before you head home!


It is compulsory for all nippers to wear an age level cap and the Williamstown SLSC nippers rashie during the Williamstown nipper program. Not only does this promote a sense of belonging, but importantly ensures participants are clearly visible to the age group managers.

We encourage our nippers to wear club bathers throughout all summer programs. In addition, the club has a ‘dry gear’ clothing range available for both kids and adults.

Check out the range on our Merchandise page (soon to be posted). All items for purchase are available through the club merchandise shop at selected times at the Clubhouse or order at


All Nippers need to complete a Preliminary Skills Assessment prior to participating in any water based activities in the nipper program. This is to ensure children have a suitable swimming ability to allow them to safely enjoy the water activities of the program.

Download the form and complete it for each nipper and have it signed by a qualified swim coach or teacher.

Frequently asked questions

What skills assessment will your nipper need to complete?

For any Nipper participating in a Victorian Surf Education Program, they will need to meet the Preliminary Assessment for their Age Group.

If your child would like to compete in LSV Surf Carnivals representing WSLSC they will need to pass the Competition Skills Evaluation. Competition Skills evaluations must be successfully completed before participating in any water based activities at interclub carnivals. We strongly encourage all parents of children with limited swimming ability to enroll their child in swimming lessons first.


Nippers is NOT a ‘learn to swim’ program and your child will be required to complete a Preliminary Assessment.

Does each parent require a working with children check?


Any member over 18 years must have a valid Working with Children’s Check before their membership can be approved (Teachers and Police Officers will also need a WWCC).


Can I ‘Drop and Run’?

Absolutely not.

Nippers is not a ‘drop and run’ sport and we need parental support and involvement and you must stay close to the beach. In particular, parents of U6s and U7s you need to be able to see your Nipper during the entire session.


What if there is bad weather and/or dangerous conditions?

The Nipper Program will proceed where reasonable. A few spits of rain and wind won’t deter us, but when it is not safe and where appropriate the program will be canceled (you will be notified via Team App). 


Do we have to join as a family?

Any Nipper must join as a Family Membership.

All family members aged 18 years and older must have a working with children check for the membership application to be accepted.


What age group will my child be in?

Age on 30 September:

  • 5 Years Old Participate as Under 6
  • 6 Years Old Participate as Under 7
  • 7 Years Old Participate as Under 8
  • 8 Years Old Participate as Under 9
  • 9 Years Old Participate as Under 10
  • 10 Years Old Participate as Under 11
  • 11 Years Old Participate as Under 12
  • 12 Years Old Participate as Under 13



How to Join Nippers!

If you would like to sign up your child for Nippers – don’t leave it till the last minute!

Your future Nipper needs to complete a preliminary swim assessment.  If your Nipper does attend swimming lessons, the assessment form can be downloaded from our Website, (under Nippers) and signed off by their swimming instructor. Please forward the completed form or RSVP for pool session to

You need to get your Working With Childrens Check application underway (
Everyone on your family membership 18 years of age and older has to have one. It is free, but The Department of Justice can take a few weeks. This process is not instant and we cannot accept your application until you forward your WWCC details.
When you have your WWCC, you can start the process to join the club.
Email Leonie Newey at, and request Club Membership for your family and Nipper Membership for your Nipper kids. List all family members. Attach the WWCC for each adult on your family membership and a prelim swim form for each Nipper. If you have any queries, email or call Leonie on 0418 341 595. Please note, all memberships must be current and paid for prior to your Nipper starting due to LSV and insurance requirements.