Rescue and Resuscitation

R & R is one of the traditional surf club events. This event is judged on speed, accuracy, technique and timing. It is a great learning tool for nippers going into their SRC and BM, learning CPR and patient assessment.

The 2017/18 season was very successful for the R & R team with 8 hard working teams resulting in championship medals: a silver in U15  5P, 1 gold in 2P (U12/13), 2 silvers in 2P (U12/13, U10/11), 1 bronze 2P (U12/13) and Team of the Year (U14/15 Brydie Logan and Lucinda Rourke) and coach of the year.

Currently WS&LSC is offering training and competition to 2 Person R & R teams (U10/11, 12/13,14/15) and 5 Person U15’s. We hope to keep building on our skills and numbers as they progress towards seniors and open competition. Training is currently once per week.

If you would like to join the R & R crew, please contact Sally (