2022/2023 Annual General Meeting 

Annual General Meeting (AGM) – Williamstown Swimming & Life Saving Club, Inc. 
The AGM is scheduled to be held on Saturday 15th July 2022, commencing at 4:30pm. 
The AGM will be conducted at the WS&LSC Clubrooms (The Esplanade, Williamstown VIC 3016).
Please find the links on this page to:
1. Notification of Annual General Meeting
2. 2023 Directors Nomination Form
3. 2023 AGM Agenda
4. 2022 AGM Minutes
Any persons wishing to have business added to the agenda must notify the Secretary in writing no less than 21 days prior to the meeting. 
If you have any questions relating to the AGM, please contact the Club Secretary at secretary@williamstownslsc.org.au